Tags and Traffic experiment – 2hr mark

Two hours have passed since the experiment. Two visitors fell into the “Life” trap through the  http://www.wordpress.com/tag/ portal, and 1 visitor fell for “Politics”. Both of these are among the most popular tags.

An interesting thing is that another visitor fell for “Ecology”, but not through the /tag portal. Who knows where he stumbled across this post and wasted his 10 seconds.

My posts are moving rapidly off the more popular /tag charts: you need to go to page 6 to find the “Life” post, while the “Christianity”, “Google”, and “Israel” posts are still on page 1.  But they have not attracted any traffic so far.

I can’t even find my favorite tag: “baking soda”… I think that’s a lost cause.


One thought on “Tags and Traffic experiment – 2hr mark

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