Wow, now that was a big step

A blog! Now that’s new. I only have what, 8 neglected blogs now?

Hey, this one is different. This one actually took me a long time to think over. Must be because of the cool name that I came up with. Zero Ratio. Hmmm… (now why did he choose that?)

Why did it take so much grinding to register a free blog? Well, I have a lot to think over. What do I want to write about? What’s the theme of this insignificant occupant of a few megabytes in the vast galaxy of the web? Is it gonna be a mixed pot of whatever goes through my head? Or should this be oh so professional and talk only about things that would boost my resume? Because they google you up before the interview, you know.

Do I want to be constrained to a free blog service, or do I want to be true to the geek in me and set up my own server and learn the magic of PHP, SQL, Ajax, JavaScript, before which I would be constrained to basic, ugly html for – what would probably turn out to be – ever?

See? When you don’t even know what you will write about, where you will write it, and whether or not you will have time to write at all, it is quite a big step to be here.


3 thoughts on “Wow, now that was a big step

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  2. LOL i like the last para.

    oh yeah they google us up before the interview huh… = = (heard that they check facebooks too). 但我想如果看到我的blog的話,應該會不敢雇用我吧 XDDD 哈哈

    但是不管啦~ 想寫什麼就寫什麼,不就是網誌存在的意義媽?

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