The geeky blogger’s list

I shall keep a tally of things that I would do if I had full control over my blog, which are not available in any blogging service known to me:

  1. Lock posts by their tags. e.g.: it would be nice if I can choose to lock all of the posts that I tag “private” or “inappropriate”.
  2. Related to 1., I would hide any traces of posts that are locked, including their headings, until the viewer unlocks them.
  3. Related to 1., and 2., I will make “views” for my blog. A “view” essentially renders the blog to match the audience. For example, there could be “English”, “Chinese”, “Bilingual” views that the reader can choose, and only the appropriate posts will show up. There could also be “general” and “private” views, the latter of which requires a password to activate.
  4. Related to 1., 2., and 3., (man, what’s with the spree?) I would like to be able to select what “view” to use as the front page.
  5. Some blogs support the choice of “appear on front page” for posts, so that some of my completely random, brutally trivial posts would not have to hog all the precious front page spaces, as in this situation.
  6. Display the “recently updated posts” instead of just “recent posts”, because who knows how many people would like to know that this list just got updated!
  7. (this list shall grow)

4 thoughts on “The geeky blogger’s list

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  2. Now #3 was one of the major problem I ran in last summer when I was “blognizing” the UBCLE website. since it’s turned into a blog, there must be some way to have Chinese & English “views” (and omg u used views!! too much sql? hehe XD)…

    I first thought of using categories (like what you did right now) but that kinda messed up the front page of the website, since we’d like to have the newest post displayed on the home page but don’t want to see Chinese posts interleaving w/ the Eng posts…. and having two separate blogs (2 database) for the languages is just way to hard to maintain =w= so yeah, was trying to find a better way for it, but before i did i retired from the IT department…. so this falls onto the shoulder of the new IT director hehehe XD (wut an irresponsible exec.. haha)

  3. And we can private the posts in wordpress indeed – whether with or without the headings. But we have to specify that in each post individually, and the problem with that is that we cannot batch edit (like lock/unlock all the posts tagged inappropriate, like u suggested)… maybe u can write a plugin or something in the future neh 😉

  4. 小N.狗累死.林:
    Haha… I hope the new IT has enough super power to implement the “view” function that I described. I guess you could call it “filter” or something, but pretty much any term that makes sense will sound geeky. I challenge you to try and prove otherwise 😛

    Private posts are not of major concern to me just yet, because so far I’ve just been fooling around with this blog. I doubt I will ever write really sensitive stuff publicly anyway, unlike my unruly old days…

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