Never expected WordPress to be this active

As a day-old WP user, yes, I started to use the well-loved acronym “WP”. I also realized just how active this place is:

Hours after I wrote about being confused with the seemingly redundant functions of categories and tags, a total stranger called sulz appeared with an explanation of what categories and tags do! And I thought my blog will at least be safe and invisible until the glorious day when I announce the existence of my 8th blog!

From sulz’ blog, I gather (in 10 minutes) that he is an enthusiastic blogger who’s involved in volunteering with WP and feeling frustrated about it, graduating from university or college with possibly a liberal arts degree (that’s a guess), and quite possibly a Chinese (from his frequent use of “lah”). Now, am I sure that it’s a “he”?

But what’s important is that because WordPress does such a good job linking bloggers together (for better or worse), that friendly people like sulz can come knocking on my not-yet-opened door. That’s unprecedented in my blogging experience (that goes to say how long I have stopped blogging)

The point is, thanks sulz! This post is dedicated to you, the first commenter of this blog.


One thought on “Never expected WordPress to be this active

  1. why, thank you! i’m a she, though. 😉 i found your blog through tag surfer; when you tagged your posts, they show up in tag surfer if you subscribe to that tag.

    and yes i’m chinese – malaysian chinese.

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